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Why Luxury River Cruising will be Big in 2022

Travelers are ready to go. If you’re like me, you’ve spent months sitting at home scrolling through social media and surfing the web planning your dream vacation for when travel resumes. Now more than ever, travelers feel the urge to go everywhere and see everything to make up for lost time. This is why luxury river cruising is quickly becoming THE way to travel in the future.

If you have a lot of destinations on your bucket list, but you're worried about booking multiple flights and hotels, you should consider river cruises. With most major cities around the world situated along a river, there's a pretty good chance that a river cruise can access the places you want to visit. From Egypt to Germans and everywhere in between, you can cruise multiple destinations within Africa, Europe, and North America with just one reservation.

Thanks to the small size of most river cruises, concerns over health and safety have already been efficiently addressed. The crew to passenger ratio on most luxury river cruises is also better than your average hotel, which means you can rest easy knowing that everything will be clean and protocol is being followed. Unlike massive ocean liners, river cruise boats are known for carrying fewer passengers in order to offer a bespoke and memorable experience. As travel begins to resume, the experiences will become even more tailored, meaning you'll spend your time doing the things you enjoy.

There is still a lot of unknown about traveling, which can make it hard to book a trip, but you want something on the calendar to look forward to. This is why most luxury river cruising companies are giving you the flexibility to book open-ended dates. If you know you want to cruise the Danube River but aren't sure when you want to go, that's no problem! You can put down a deposit and secure your reservation to beat the rush of people waiting to book until travel fully resumes.

If there is one thing I know for sure, it's that we will travel again. And when we do, we'll go further, dream bigger, and explore like never before. Luxury river cruises are your ticket to traveling far and wide with the ease of knowing that you are staying safe. From great destinations to smaller ships and flexible booking dates, there's no reason not to book a river cruise for your next trip.

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