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The World is Opening Up Little by Little

Today is a great day. I got a haircut this morning! Something that I have been looking forward to for over 2 months – which I am sure many of you can relate to. My husband, who keeps his hair cut very close really worried about it but ended up buying a shaver and is very happy with the results. For me, I learned to let go and not worry about my hair looking perfect. The point is that we adapted over the past few months. That's great but it is even better knowing that our world is slowly opening up.

It is very exciting to know that we could get on a plane and go places, even though it is going to be a slow process. Some adventurers are getting out there. I’ve heard stories from my colleagues of clients traveling to Mexico and beyond for the chance to sit by a pool and have someone bring them a drink.

Are you ready to travel? Maybe but probably not. I have been dreaming for weeks (really months) of where I will go when it is safe. I will have to figure out how long I will be comfortable wearing a mask on a plane and how far I will feel comfortable going in case we have to rush back home again. I am sure you feel the same way.

Here are some resources to see where each country stands in terms of entrance requirements, testing, quarantines, etc.:

Maybe you are not quite ready to travel but ready to think about it. That's great! If so, let's schedule some time to talk it through and see what works for you. Click here to set up an appointment or just call 703-239-4617.



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