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Top 3 Reasons Why Villas are Better than Hotels

Imagine traveling with a large group or family, checking into your hotel, and its mass chaos. Everyone's rooms are on opposite ends of the hotel from each other, and there's not even enough space at the pool for you all to sit together. We've all been there. This is why I'm here to tell you; there's a better way to travel. With all the amenities of a luxury resort and the privacy of a home, villas are the ultimate accommodations for anyone traveling with a group.


A luxury holiday should be spent surrounded by people you don’t know. You want to make memories with your friends and loved ones without feeling like you’re sharing those special moments with a group of strangers. In a villa, you don’t have rowdy neighbors and thin hotel walls or strangers stumbling up and down the hall at odd hours of the night. Villas offer you the privacy and seclusion you need to relax inside or outside without feeling crowded.


Villa's are designed with large groups in mind. Unlike hotels, villas ensure that everyone has enough space to spread out and not feel like you are on top of one another. Like a home, everyone can congregate in the living room and kitchen when it's time to part or retreat to their rooms when they need time alone. The best part is that you likely won't even have to share a bathroom depending on your group size.


I’ll be the first to admit that the best part about staying in a luxury hotel is the amenities. That’s half the fun of traveling! What most people don’t realize is that some villas actually come with more amenities than most hotels. I’m talking about everything from private pools to personal butlers. That’s right; you can book your villa with a personal butler and even a private chef to round out your luxury vacation. You don’t have to worry about calling down to the concierge to get a dinner reservation for your large party or stressing over organizing taxis to the beach. The perks that come with renting a private villa are practically endless.

If you’ve never considered staying in a private villa while traveling, it’s time you give it a try. For anyone traveling with a large group or family, staying in a villa will relieve much of the hassle and tension that comes with booking a hotel. Long gone are the days of making multiple reservations for your group, with a villa it’s one and done!

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