Here are just a few ideas of where to go next.

Unique Highlights

  • Visit the small town of Kaapsche Hoop to witness South Africa’s equivalent of Stonehenge, Adam’s Calendar.

  • Don’t be afraid of the dark, while exploring the sacred Motouleng Caves.

  • Become one with your inner zen by relaxing at the Buddhist Retreat Center.

  • Bathe cliffside in Hogsback.


Best Time to Travel

If you’re looking for the overall best time to travel and explore South Africa, you’ll want to book a trip sometime between May and September. In that part of the world, it is considered the dry season, and many animals will come out of hiding much more frequently and gather around watering holes. Believe it or not, despite it being the dry season, it is also winter in South Africa, so expect cooler morning and nights.



Best Time to Travel

As part of French Polynesia, Tahiti experiences many of the same temperature habits of its fellow islands. The overall best time to visit Tahiti is between May and October. During this frame of time, French Polynesia is experiencing its winter season. This means less humidity, as well as less rain and more mild and overall pleasant temperatures. 

Unique Highlights

  • Have breakfast delivered by canoe, directly to your bungalow.

  • Take part in purchasing a permanent souvenir by adding a fresh Polynesian tattoo to your body.

  • Snorkel like you never have before at Taha’s Island Resort, where you can drift through the coral reefs at excessive speeds. 

  • Explore the history of French Polynesia through ancient sports, music, and dance at the annual Heiva Festival.

Charming Street

Unique Highlights

  • Relive your high school chemistry days by visiting a vermouth laboratory and see how different flavors of the popular liquor are produced

  • Embark on a journey to Mt Etna’s volcanic peak close to sunset

  • Zip through the countryside on Vespa

  • Fly high overtop Tuscany via a hot air balloon



Best Time to Travel

To fully immerse yourself in all that Italy has to offer, you’ll want to book your trip when the temperatures are moderately cool and comfortable and when crowds aren’t too heavy across many popular destinations. The best time for these circumstances is between April and June, as well as mid-September through October.



Best Time to Travel

The Best time to book your trip to France would be during spring (April through June) or all (September to November). During these stretches for time, not only are there fewer tourists crowding popular destinations, but the weather is much milder, and prices at hotels and other sights are much lower than during the peak of summer.

Unique Highlights

  • Bury your toes in the sand as you hike atop Europe’s tallest dunes, Dune de Pilat.

  • Rent a bicycle for the day and see the many sights and sounds of Mont Saint-Michel.

  • Surf the waves at Biarritz, one of the best beaches in France.

  • Explore the various boutiques and shops hidden away within the Marais District of Paris.