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Why My Travels Benefit My Clients

As you may have seen on my Facebook page, the last week of March I had the opportunity to visit Venice, Lake Garda, Lake Como and finish in Milan.

Many of my clients – and friends – think I am just vacationing, but I’m not. Now, I won’t deny that I am having a fabulous time, meeting travel advisors from around the country and visiting some of most iconic destinations around the world, but I am still working. I often miss the famous sites, restaurants and sightseeing in order to learn about interesting experiences that will make my clients’ travel both unique and unforgettable.

Over the next couple of blogs I will be sharing some of these experiences but I wanted to start with the experiences I had in Venice.

In Venice –

Costumes. I had the chance to be outfitted in an amazing costume by Antonia Sautter Creations, a world-famous costume and event designer – and we had a photo shoot! I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was fantastic…and we got to meet Antonia.

Opera. We stopped by Teatro La Fenice to peek in on the rehearsal of La Traviata.

Real Life. We experienced the canals of Venice, not by gondola but by private boat taking us into “neighborhoods” to see the real Venice.

Art Class. Masks are a symbol of Venice. We met an artisan who not only makes the masks but also holds classes for groups and families to make their own.

Stay. Last, but far from least was our accommodation. Rather than stay in Venice proper, we stayed at the iconic Hotel Cipriani, which is located a 7-minute boat ride from Venice on its own island. I will NEVER forget stepping off the boat and into the dream that is Hotel Cipriani. I literally felt like a princess. Everything from my room to the restaurants to cocktails made by their award-winning bartender, Walter, is out of a dream.

So, no matter where in the world you would like to go, I can make your dreams come true – whether it’s to have that iconic experience like a gondola ride or if you want something more custom-designed for you.

Ready to get started? Contact me at 703-969-4311 or email

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