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The (Nearby) World Is Waiting

We were lucky enough to enjoy a beach trip last week to one of my favorite spots, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

My husband and I spent our childhoods vacationing at those coastal towns – he in New Jersey and me in Delaware and Maryland. So, I always thought that we would take our daughter on beach vacations but for the most part, we ended up at Disney World, Europe or the Caribbean. I was always a little sad that she didn’t have the same experiences, so I was pretty excited that this year was going to be the one with a traditional Eastern Shore trip.

We originally planned a blow out to South Africa including a few days on Safari to celebrate her graduation from high school and our 20th wedding anniversary – but you know how that story ended! Once it was clear that travel abroad was out, I thought maybe we could do Florida or the Caribbean, but as things unfolded, we decided that was not a good option. I did think going somewhere within easy driving distance where we could rent a house might be a perfect solution.

Over the past 5-6 years my high school girlfriends and I have rented a house in Rehoboth either in the Spring or the Fall and loved the small town feel with great restaurants and clean beaches, so I knew my family would love this, especially since we allowed my daughter to bring her two best friends (who have been socially distancing and wearing masks). I honestly think my daughter was more excited about the beach than South Africa!

The house we rented had a pool and a gourmet kitchen, so we knew if we had to, we could spend days there relaxing and taking dips in the pool; but the beaches, boardwalk and most restaurants were open, so we were good to go! Did everyone wear masks? No. Did I worry about exposure? Yes, but we distanced, wore masks and washed our hands thoroughly – just like we’ve been doing at home. All-in-all, our trip did not feel that much different than a vacation any other time. We had great food, the girls spent all day long in the ocean and my husband and I sipped cocktails and read books.

I truly believe that travel is still possible, albeit on a limited basis for the time being. Maybe this year you are not going to do that bucket list trip but won’t it be so much sweeter when it does happen? Now is the time for camping, hiking, beach trips. I will be here when you are ready to take a trip outside the country. It won’t be next week or next month but I believe in the next year, things will get better. When you are ready to talk about 2021 or 2022 travel, email me at or call 703-969-4311.

Stay healthy,


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