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Want to Travel in Style? Crystal Cruises is the Answer.

We just returned from a cruise on the Rhine river aboard luxury ship, Crystal River Cruises ship Crystal Bach. Our friends invited us to come along to celebrate an anniversary and a “big” birthday – one ending in a zero! Since I love to experience what my clients are asking for and I love the opportunity to travel with my husband and close friends, it was a no brainer.

I provided our friends with a few different options of river cruises including a few that were more moderate in price, but they chose to splurge on a luxury experience. With Crystal, you are not just paying more for the same experience.

Almost everything is included in the price – your accommodations, all meals including snacks and specialty coffees; beverages including wine, excellent beer and spirits (Fantastic Cocktails!); sightseeing in each port and gratuities. The only things not included were specialty wine pairing dinner, some high-end spirits and spa. My balance was a big Zero at the end of the cruise. So, while more expensive, we were done paying before we got on the ship.

We’ve been on other lines, and while we loved them, Crystal is truly a step above. The food is all fresh and made onboard including all breads, pastries and cakes; the ship more luxurious with king size beds and glass balconies; touring groups are small but the most important difference the warm and personal service.

By the second day the professional yet friendly staff knew our names and greeted us each day asking what we planned for the day and if we needed anything special from them. They seemed very authentic – and since they are not working for tips – we knew they truly cared about our experience.

Ready to Get Started Planning Your Cruise?

Want to learn more about river cruising and if Crystal Cruises is right for you? If so, call 703-969-4311 or email or make your appointment by clicking MY CALENDAR

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