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Spring Break In Iceland

I just got back from Iceland and it was as beautiful and unique as advertised!

I try to visit countries my clients are requesting so I know what the best experiences are. Since I send clients to Iceland at least a few times a year, I thought it would be a great destination for our family’s Spring Break trip. Our expectations were natural beauty, chilly (cold) temps and friendly “Vikings” – and we got exactly what we expected…and more.

While I usually tell clients to drive Iceland’s ring road to see the most possible, we only had 6 days so we divided the trip into Reykjavik for 4 days and 2 days in the town of Hveragerði, referred to as the Hot Springs Capital of the World.

In Reykjavik, we enjoyed a food tour, whale watching and visited both the Perlan Wonders of Iceland and the Whales of Iceland exhibitions. We also wandered around the quaint city, drank Icelandic beer in pubs and even soaked in the Blue Lagoon, about 45-minute from Reykjavik.

On the way to Hveragerði, we did the Golden Circle with a private driver so he could drop us in Hveragerði - perfect because we did not want to drive on this trip.

The Golden Circle includes Thingvellir National Park where tectonic plates crashed into each other millions of years ago creating dramatic scenery, to Gullfoss, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland, complete with rainbows and to Geysir – to see bubbling sky high exploding geothermal waters. We even snowmobiled on a glacier!

Upon arrival in Hveragerði, we checked into a boutique hotel built on geothermal pools. That evening we ate our delicious dinner and watched billowing steam rise from the earth. After dinner, we were free to immerse ourselves in the inviting hot tub to soak away the chill of the day.

The highlight of our few days in Hveragerði was a hike with the goal of swimming in a stream where geothermal and cold waters collide. Sounded amazing however, it too much for our wimpy family to get into bathing suits in 45-degree weather and hop into a stream, no matter how warm! Instead, we took in the stunning views and said we would do it next time when we come during warmer months!

Iceland is a destination for anyone who is interested in natural beauty and who has a sense of adventure. You can do anything from the softest of adventures, as we did, to hardcore climbing, ice cave exploration, scuba and more. If you are lucky you will see the Northern Lights and rainbow after rainbow.

For a Destination Guide to Iceland go to: Free Destination Guides and select Iceland.

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