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Want To Visit An Italian Paradise? Try Tuscany

If you’re like me, you love discovering destinations. It’s a big reason why we travel, right? So, every year, I make a point to explore new locales because I love to see the world! Even more importantly, I travel so I can personally vouch for the experiences I recommend to you and your family.

A few weeks ago I traveled to gorgeous Tuscany in the heart of Italy. It’s a land of rolling vineyards, hilltop towns and endless and authentic scenery. Tuscany is the real Italy – a place where Italians go on vacation!

Highlights from my week in Tuscany included:

  • Making pasta with a chef in Chianti

  • Staying in a historic villa, surrounded by olive trees

  • Dining in untouched medieval villages

  • Exploring the city of Siena – a Renaissance marvel

  • Hunting for truffles in the Tuscan countryside

The week I was in Italy I shared lots of photos on Facebook and Instagram, but I have lots more that I will be sharing over the next year! Keep your eyes peeled on social media for those pictures and posts of the magical time I spent in Italy. To give you a taste, here is a link to view just a few of my photos from the trip: CLICK TO VIEW

Who’s ready to pack their bags for Italy? I sure am.

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