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Passports, Visas and More - Know Before You Go

Travel is fun and exciting. Travelers dream what hotels they will stay in, what sights they will see but most people don’t think about the administrative items that need to be checked. These include passports, visas and international driver’s licenses. If these important documents are not in order, you could throw a big wrench into your trip.

One great place to start is the’s Traveler’s Checklist. You can find everything you need about the country you will be visiting including requirements documents, safety information, and much more.

Passport Validation

Most people know they can’t travel on an expired passport, but did you know that each country has its own rules on passport validity? For example, some countries accept US Passports as long as they are valid at time of entry while others require 3 to 6 months validity past your last day on their soil.

Every time I get a new client, I check the country requirements and send them the link to the country they are visiting. If you are traveling, always check. Don’t just assume you know because you’ve done it before. Governments change rules all the time. The best source for this is to go to the Country Information section of You can link on their country section, Country Information and type in what country you will be visiting.


Many countries require visas for entry, whether it’s for business, pleasure, short stays or long. For some countries you just do a quick application online and you are done, but there are times that you must apply in person. Once again, check the requirements well in advance of your trip, so you are not frantically trying to get a visa at the last minute. Again is a great source, but for a quick check I use

International Driver’s Permits

If you plan to drive in a country or countries, you need to know if you need an international driver’s permits. To find out, ask the travel agent or car rental company you are booking with. The easiest way to obtain one is to go to your local American Automotive Association (AAA). Read more here for requirements.

Contact CFJ

If you have any questions about passports or other documentation, please feel free to call me at 571-732-0998 or email

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