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No one wants delayed flights, rainy days or other problems when they are traveling, but many people put such a emphasis on having a perfect vacation that they fall apart when things don’t go as planned. I personally have experienced this unfortunately!

A few years ago, a certain airline held our luggage hostage when we were supposed to be skiing. I frantically tried to fix an unfixable situation. Once I realized plans had to be changed, I relaxed and went with the flow! In the end, we missed only one day skiing. While we waited for our luggage, we shopped, went to the movies, and didn’t miss out on the après ski fun, indulging in some wonderful food and drink!

From this experience and others, I’ve learned letting go of the Perfectionist Mentality prevents me from making myself miserable when things are not going as planned. Instead, I’ve adopted the Adventure Mentality. What’s the difference? The Perfectionist sets unrealistically high expectations for themselves, others, and situations — and when things don’t go well, they often self-blame or blaming others. The Adventurer is prepared, but is willing to roll with what comes along that might not fit with “the Plan.” The Perfectionist often avoids risk and only goes with the obvious path in an attempt to avoid “failure.” is less concerned with control and more interested in creative approaches and critical thinking when it comes to problem solving. The Perfectionist focuses on what isn’t working and is often impatient and critical. The Adventurer sees what’s going well and what there is to be grateful for and is quick to offer appreciation, flexibility, and help in tough situations. As author and coach Naomi Teeter points out, the Adventurer knows how to ask “quality questions” when faced with a challenge, questions like: What’s the best thing that could happen from this? Hasn't everything worked out just fine in the past? Aren't I OK? What if I chose to be happy and carefree about this instead? How could I turn this into a great story? As a travel consultant, I plan my clients’ family vacations to be as seamless as possible; however, even with the best-made plans, things can still go awry. When that happens, my clients know they can count on me to help them whatever way I can. This could mean anything from rescheduling a tour that was rained out to changing flights to finding a workable activity when all else fails. And you know what? My clients are resilient – almost every single time they’ve rolled with the punches, having either an experience they didn’t expect or a really funny story to share later. If you’re ready to plan your next great adventure, I’d love to help you get there. You can complete the Plan Your Trip Questionnaire and set up a 30-minute call to discuss your trip with me today by clicking HERE or by calling 571-732-0998.

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