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My husband and I took a romantic trip to Bermuda last year. It was nice to escape alone and to reconnect! Reconnecting and remembering why you married the person you did is so important. It keeps your relationship alive and it keeps the family bond strong through that relationship.

Creating alone time in this day and age can be challenging. It is really difficult to find the time, the money and the energy to make it happen! With that in mind, below are 5 practical tips to planning that romantic getaway and making it a reality.

5 Practical Tips For Romantic Getaways

Book It Now!

If you want to have a romantic trip, you need to plan in advance. Pick the dates, confirm the grandparents/babysitter. Call the travel advisor (me)! If you don’t plan ahead it just won’t happen because you can’t do anything last minute without stress. And, if you plan 3, 6 or 9 months out, it gives you something to dream about, to look forward to…together

Where have you always talked about going?

Take this time to pick someplace that is going to excite both of you and ignite your passion for the destination and the memories that you will be making in those destinations. It could be 2 hours or 10 hours from home. Just make sure you both want to go there.

Dollars and (Common) Sense.

Decide on a budget and stick to it. As with all other financial decisions couples make, the amount you spend on a vacation, even one that strengthens your relationship, should not break you. If that happens, you will add stress to your relationship - the opposite of your goal!

Travel Insurance

I believe most trips need to be protected with travel insurance, but sometimes the people that need it most opt out due to budget. That group includes parents who are going on those getaways. Let's face it. If your child gets sick, you are not going on your trip! If it isn't insured, that means you lose the trip and the money! Be smart and insure it.

Limit Distractions (i.e., work!)

Once you get there, turn off your cell phones and shut down those computers! Pay attention to the sunrise, the sunset, your wife/husband/partner! And, if you can’t check out completely, set up specific timeframes to check emails or make calls. I am an early riser, so I go do my work before my husband even wakes up.

Need Some Help Planning?

Of course, if you want expertise in destination, lodging and activities, contact me! I am happy to help with your romantic vision! To get started, complete the Trip Plannig Questionnaire, or email or call 571-732-0998.

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