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How Travel Advisors Help Maximize Your Travel Experience

Thirty years ago, travel agencies were everywhere. It is where you went to book a honeymoon, an all-inclusive resort like Club Med or get airline tickets. And, you really had no other options. Once the internet exploded, people were given the option of booking travel on their own. This single technological advancement forever changed the face of the travel industry.

During that tumultuous time, many brick and mortar agencies closed their doors and the death of the travel agent was predicted. But, what really happened is that the role of the travel agent went from transactional to advisory. Huge difference. Matter of fact, the American Society of Travel Agents recently changed their name to the American Society of Travel Advisors. This keeps in line with how the travel professional’s role has evolved.

Today’s Travel Advisor/Consultant/Guru provides advice and assistance that can help make your trips better organized, more meaningful and authentic. And, while many people are happy to book their trips online, the human connection and expertise can make the difference between an OK trip and an amazing one.

Here are some benefit to working with a travel advisor:

It’s All About Relationships

Travel Advisors spend their careers building relationships with hotels, tour companies and suppliers so that our clients can receive exclusive recognition and VIP treatment. And, if a problem does arise, our relationships help us address it quickly.

Cheap Price or Good Value?

If you plan a trip yourself, you probably will select the least expensive options, but how do you know you are getting the most value for your money? Sometimes the least expensive option is best but more often (as the old saying goes), you get what you pay for. Travel Advisors are able to talk through what the best pick is for you.

Avoid Logistical Nightmares

By allowing a Travel Advisor to plan complicated trips, you are saving hours of planning time and avoiding the frustration of not knowing which options work best. Knowing how planes, trains, ferries and other modes of transport work – and which ones are best for a particular donation – takes special expertise. If you pick the wrong one, you could spend many more hours traveling than you need.

Travel Advisors Are Your Advocate

Travel Advisors are problem solvers. We are helpers. We want to make sure things run smoothly for our clients, so many of us keep in touch throughout our clients trips. And, we jump right in when there is a problem. We truly want to make a difference in our clients’ lives.

Work With A Travel Advisor

Are you ready to use a Travel Advisor to plan your next trip? Start by completing the Start Planning Questionnaire

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